Engineered and Manufactured at Comptech Engineering Ltd

At Comptech Engineering Ltd we are equipped to manufacture any composite component, ranging from a small one off bracket, to bespoke carbon fibre gantry and pit equipment. 

We offer our own nose stands, bodywork stands, tyre trolleys, light pods, all of which are made to suit specific customer requirements.

Our class “A” staff and facilities allow us manufacture class “A” composite components using pre-preg materials, which are all cured in our own autoclave. We also carry a good range of wet resin systems and laminates suitable for less demanding applications.

Our staff are very experienced laminators / trimmers having worked in all classes of motorsport and also experience of aircraft and luxury marine applications. We have produced suspension, chassis, class ”A” crash structures, gearboxes, boat hulls and every conceivable body panel on Formula 1 cars over the last 20 years. 

Pit Equipment

Jaguar FE Engine Cover - Closeup
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Jaguar FE Nose Cone
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Tyre Trolley - Empty
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Bespoke Light Pods

Light Pod - Centre
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