Mission Statement

To make specialist Motorsport services accessible to everyone

Our Story

In 2016, Comptech Engineering Ltd was formed by David Bennett and Ian Gluyas. The two motorsport veterans wanted to bring their years of expertise to something they could call their own. The time spent travelling the globe with various successful enterprises and honing their trade all built up to forming Comptech Engineering Ltd.

Originally founded in Buckingham, in a small industrial unit with a second hand van. The company really did have humble beginnings, with its fair share of struggle as many a small business has experienced. But soon, thanks to two directors connections in the world of Motorsport, combined with hard work and persistence, Comptech Engineering Ltd found itself with a good client base.

It wasn’t long before Phil Cooper, a previous colleague of both Ian and David, was brought in to take on the role of founding Comptech Engineering Ltd’s NDT department. The department proved a near instant success thanks to Phil’s vast experience and mastery of the field.

Due to the demand the company were experiencing, Comptech Engineering Ltd found that before long they had outgrown their small unit, despite various changes made to upgrade it. So in the summer of 2019 they began the move to Brackley, to a unit which was to be outfitted to almost double the size and built to specific specifications. The new unit meant that they could finally move in the state-of-the-art autoclave the company had purchased some time ago.

That brings us to now, 2020. Over its short history, Comptech Engineering Ltd has accelerated at an exciting pace to where they are today. This being said, this success does not detract from the companies roots – a family-oriented small business. Roisin, David’s wife, still runs the companies accounts as she has from the get-go, all employees are also considered friends, and overall the small group is as tight knit as ever.


Comptech Engineering Ltd’s work is predominantly based around 5 areas; NDT, Composite Repairs, Manufacturing, Paintwork, and Race Support. this being said we are not limited those 5 areas, we are always open to new opportunities and endeavours in the automotive industry.


Composite Repairs



Race Support

Comptech Engineering Ltd look to bring the perfect combination of care, experience and skill to all of their endeavours, to all customers, no matter how large or small.